Sunday, September 24, 2017

More Able and Talented Students



Students identified in subjects as MAT are marked with ‘T’ on mark-sheets on SIMS


Once identified, MAT students should routinely be working towards a minimum target of Level 6, but usually Level 7 in that subject.

At KS4 it would be expected that the most talented students aim for, and are supported towards, Grade A* or BTEC Distinction.

They are identified and mentored as a separate group. 

Teaching and Learning

MAT students should be routinely challenged to access tasks at the higher levels during lessons.

They should be directed to the skills required for these levels on the appropriate Progress Ladder for the task addressed.

KS4 teaching should always enable work to access the highest grades.

Data Input

If identified students’ performance falls below the expected level during data input, HOD’s are expected to identify underperformance, and intervene accordingly.

If this was to continue for longer, Head of House would be involved and parents invited in.


All students who work to their targets, behave, attend punctually and complete HW are invited to choose one of the reward events at end of term.


Currently we offer GCSE Law and GCSE Classics to deepen challenge for MAT students.

Departments are currently being audited for other potential subjects that could be offered as challenge. 


The school has a dedicated 5X60 Officer who ensures a varied programme of sports activities every day.

Performing Arts and Music put on productions at Christmas and run trips to theatre.

PE offer a range of sports clubs and teams.

University and College Links

The school is part of the University of Chester Futures First initiative.

This enable identified students in Y10/11 to spend a number of days in the University and on visits linked to various aspects of the curriculum.

The University is currently finalising the programme for this year but indicates that STEM and MFL opportunities will be offered for lower school students. 

Rhyl College Debating Group

This will begin after HT for Y10 students initially, involving 3 intensive sessions at Rhyl College before a weekly debating club is set up and competitions entered.

Aim to increase confidence and oral skills to prepare students for Russell Group entry.

Accelerated Reader

The school is in the process of introducing this programme which, in addition to supporting learners with lower reading ages, will provide specific and targeted challenge for MAT readers.

Piloted 2016-17 with aim of being more widely available in 2017-18 and onwards.


This is a scaffolded teaching strategy that has an inbuilt requirement that learning progresses to the extended abstract stage where learners have to engage in high order skils such as evaluation, prediction, hypothesis and theorising.

Growth Mindsets

This creates a resilience and a desire for increased learning as part of an understanding that improvement is continual and mistakes an opportunity to learn.

Work will continue throughout this academic year to offer further opportunities for MAT.  

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