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Ground Force

February 2012  – Morrisons Vouchers Provide Wormery – Click to view article.


Rhyl in Bloom
In May, Rhyl High School was proud to be Runner-up in the Rhyl in Bloom competition, having only achieved Highly Commended the previous year.

This week Rhyl High School Ground Force Crew received a donation of £150 from Eric Black of the Rhyl in Bloom Committee to help towards buying bulbs and plants.

In addition, the Ground Force’s first plans are to prepare the flower beds for winter and then begin to build the Eco-Greenhouse from 1500 2-litre plastic drinks bottles.  

Denbighshire County Council also kindly donated compost and bark chippings to help the Ground Force Crew produce a bigger and better harvest next year.


Harvest Produce

Rhyl High School Ground Force Crew recently visited Hafan Deg Day Centre to donate a harvest hamper of produce they had grown in the school garden.  The hamper included pumpkins, carrots, runner beans, parsnips, sweetcorn, potatoes. 

The elderly people enjoyed the pupils’ visit and Tom Hodgetts, the Day Manager, congratulated the crew and wished them further success with their fruit and vegetable garden. 

Rhyl High School is collecting Morrisons Lets Grow vouchers and the Ground Force Crew is asking for 1500 empty 2-litre plastic drinks bottles to build an eco-greenhouse on the site.

Produce Delivered to Hafan DegProduce Delivered to Hafan Deg







Pumpkin Queen!

Gail, our departing cook, excelled herself in her final week in RHS when she cooked a delicious chunky winter soup using a pumpkin and potatoes grown by Ground Force in the school garden.  Pupils who sampled it on Wednesday lunchtime in the canteen were amazed how delicious it was, and even Helen, one of the Midday supervisors was won over!!  Well done Gail & well done Ground Force!!

Gail's Pumpkin Dish

Children Enjoying Pumpkin and Potato Soup

Children Enjoying Pumpkin and Potato Soup








A Quacking Time! 

The Staff Garden was being rotovated prior to the May Theme Day when the Ground Force Crew intended to transform the garden wilderness, when a mother duck, incubating her nine eggs, was found in the long grass!!!  Luckily the groundsmen had spotted her and saved her from a fate worse than death! 

We made a quick phone call to the RSPB for advice and we were told to leave her until the ducklings had hatched, when we should encourage her and her brood to move to the Science Garden where they would have easy access to the ponds.  RHS has had ducks & ducklings in the past but they have never survived the beady eyes of the seagulls watching from the roofs.

Then, in mid June the eggs hatched and the family had arrived.  Eddie, Mr Higgins & Mr Ecob constructed a passageway, akin to the Great Escape, using upturned tables through the school hall, and after a couple of heart stopping hiccups, the whole brood was safely (or so we thought) installed in the Science Garden.

The Ground Force Crew members took great pride in feeding and providing daily reports of the progress of the ducklings, and were naturally heartbroken as, one by one, they succumbed to the clutches of the evil feathered onlookers.  Unwanted CDs were strung across the water to startle off the predators with the flashes of light as they caught the occasional sunray.

By mid summer the only 2 remaining ducklings had grown to full size and it became very difficult to tell the difference between mother and offspring. 

Sadly by the end of the summer holidays all 3 birds had flown the nest (or garden). However the pupils gained a great insight into the food chain and are looking forward to the annual return of the mother duck.  Eddie has plans afoot for a duck pen – any help or resources would be very much appreciated.    Please contact Miss Douglas (MFL) if you can assist.


Newton’s Knowledge 

Thanks to P & A  Garden Centre, Mold,  Rhyl High School became the proud recipient of a Cox’s Pippin Sapling in June.  The Ground Force Crew held an official Tree Planting Ceremony with Mrs Armitstead, Headteacher, as the presiding dignitary.  This followed the amazing transformation of the garden during the May Theme Day.  P & A have also promised some recycled pallets for us to be able to convert into a composter, a cold frame, raised beds and even a duck pen.

Tree Planting CeremonyTree Planting Ceremony

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