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Performing Arts / Music

Half Term Review

Year 8

Our Staff

Mrs Ffion Cornelius Acting Head of Performing Arts / Music
Mr Peter Brodey Music
Peripatetic Music Teachers provided by  William Mathias Trust

The Performing Arts Department aims to aid pupils in finding their own star qualities. Pupils take part in music and drama lessons where they are encouraged to develop skills as performers, composers and creators.

Work is completed through whole class and group activities, with opportunities for solo work in the projects that are completed.

We encourage pupils to take an active role in lessons, supporting them to build their confidence as musicians and actors in each area of the curriculum.

The department also offers a variety of extra curricular activities for pupils including Peripatetic music lessons on a variety of instruments including:

  • Brass (Trumpet/Cornet, Horn and Trombone)
  • Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone)
  • Strings (Violin, Cello)
  • Guitar (and Bass Guitar)
  • Piano
  • Voice

There are weekly rehearsals for

  • Glee Choir
  • Senior Vocal group
  • Wind Group
  • Denbighshire Beginner Strings Group
  • Drama Club

These groups take part in concerts and events throughout the school year

Curriculum Structure

Key Stage 3 At Key Stage Three we aim to offer the pupils a variety of opportunities to develop their skills as performing artists. We encourage pupils to see the link between music and drama by creating a thematic approach to our teaching. In Year 7

Skills Development
The Elements of Music
Drama Skills Development
Singing Skills
Keyboard Skills
World Travels
Story telling
Music of Wales
World Music 

In Year 8

The world of Television
Theme Tunes
Soap Operas
Creating Adverts
Mixing The Old With The New
Blues and Jazz music
Rap and dance music
Shakespeare with a twist 

In Year 9

Film and Theatre
Film Music
Drama for Stage and Screen
Modern Culture
Making a band
Modern Practitioners of Drama
Writing a Hit!  
Script Writing

Key Stage 4 At Key Stage Four we offer two GCSE courses.GCSE Music and GCSE Performing ArtsGCSE Music

The course allows pupils to develop their skills in three main areas, Performing, Composing and Appraising. Topics covered include…

  • Musical structure – how music is planned and developed
  • Music for Stage and Screen – Film, television, musical theatre etc
  • Music ofWales– traditional and modern Welsh Music
  • Musical Evolution – Music of the 20th-21st century

Each Pupil is required to perform one solo and one ensemble piece on a chosen instrument or voice and write two original compositions taking inspiration from the topics that they cover in class.

GCSE Performing Arts

The course is divided into four areas

  • Skills Development (planning for and developing the pupils skills in one main area of the performing arts)
  • Knowledge of the Performing Arts Industry (Research project)
  • Planning for a final performance (Research and planning project on a given theme)
  • Final Performance (Pupils create a performance inspired by a given theme/ stimulus)

The course aims to develop the pupils as all-round performing artists and also provide them with knowledge of how the industry works outside of the classroom.


Exam Boards

Music WJEC GCSE Music
Performing Arts WJEC GCSE Performing Arts


Examination Series

Year 10 Music Written Exam – Summer 2017
Year 10 Performing Arts Moderation – Summer 2017
Year 11 Music Written Exam – Summer 2017
Year 11 Performing Arts Moderation – Summer 2017


Recent News

This years BIG PROJECT was a web series, Scarlett. 75 pupils auditioned for the chance to play main characters in a series about a teenage boy who falls for a girl in his class and with the help of ‘Scarlett Jackson’ (a famous Hollywood A Lister) tries to win her heart.

We have been lucky enough to complete shoots on location in Rhyl and Prestatyn, have fight scenes choreographed by a professional stuntman and use green screen technology. This has been a fantastic experience for all involved, both in front and behind the cameras.

Denbighshire Beginner Strings Group has been established atRhylHigh Schoolthis year. With the group completing their first fantastic performance to an audience in July.

Several pupils receiving peripatetic music lessons have passed Royal Associated Board  of Music Examinations.

Ex Rhyl High School Pupil  Mike Wooster got down to the final five boys in Twitters, Search for a Twitter Star competition. Performing in the final at the Lyric Theatre  in London’s West End.

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