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Our Staff

Mr M Farrell Head of Department
Mr B Dennis


 About The Department

The aim of the department is to provide pupils with an interesting and challenging curriculum, in a supportive environment, which will provide them with the opportunities to develop their Geographical knowledge, skills and understanding and to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the World in which we live.

We constantly review the schemes of work, learning experiences for pupils and the topics learnt to maintain interest, variety and relevance.

Every pupil is expected to maximize their progress and is provided with support in doing so.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

  1. Comparing the UK and Japan
  2. Investigating Wales
  3. Microclimates
  4. Settlements
  5. Relevant sporting event

Year 8

  1. Weather and Climate
  2. Regions of Italy
  3. Deforestation in Brazil
  4. Climate change
  5. Relevant sporting event

Year 9

  1. River flooding
  2. Earthquake and volcanoes
  3. Globalisation of fashion and mobile phones
  4. Tourism
  5. The unequal world
  6. Relevant sporting event
Pupils also develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills and have the opportunity to gain WJEC Essential Skills Wales accreditation during KS3 through a range of specific activities.Homework tasks are submitted through Moodle on the schools website

Key Stage 4

The Department offers two courses in KS4:Geography GCSE

Students are entered for the WJEC Linear Geography GCSE at the appropriate level of either Higher (A*-D  grade) or Foundation  (C-G grade) at the end of year 11.  Assessment is by two exam papers, one for year 10 and the other for year 11.

The controlled assessment component to the course contributes 25% of the final mark.

Fieldwork is an essential element of this and as such, students will be given the chance to undertake study outside of the classroom.

Topics studied include:

Year 10

  1. Rivers and flooding
  2. Development
  3. Globalisation
  4. Earthquakes and volcanoes
  5. Population
  6. Climate change

Year 11

  1. Tourism
  2. Weather and Climate
  3. Coastal processes

BTEC Travel and Tourism

This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the different components of the travel industry and prepares them for further study at college or for a career in the travel industry.

The course has no exam, students are assessed though continuous assessment during years 10 and 11, and on completion they gain the equivalent of GCSE qualifications.


Examination Series

Yr10 Geography Summer   2014   & Summer 2015
Yr11 Geography Summer   2014
Travel and Tourism No Written Exam in 2014


 Exam Boards

Travel and Tourism


Recent News

100% pass rate for BTEC Travel and Tourism students

Field trip with year 11 Geography class investigating Rhyl’s flood defences


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