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Half Term Overview

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Our Staff

Miss Lindsay Lloyd Head of Department / Textiles /Food
Mr. Mark Griffiths Second in Department / Graphics
Mrs Gwenda Roberts Food  / Textiles
Mr. Chris Graham Product Design
Mr. Mike Price ICT
Mr. D. Lay ICT


About the Department

We work together as an enthusiastic team and promote an environment where all students develop personal responsibility and self motivation but consider the needs and achievements of others.

The aim of the Technology Faculty at Rhyl High is to offer equal opportunities to all the students.

We achieve this by offering a broad balanced curriculum, which allows students to achieve their maximum potential.

Programmes of study are differentiated to match the ability, attitude and developmental level of individual pupils.

We strive to stimulate a lasting interest in learning through problem solving and technological activities. We attempt to help students to develop their imaginations, sensitivity and creative responses to a wide range of aesthetic experiences

Technology has an important part to play in helping all students to acquire the knowledge and skills that will be needed for them to take an active role in future developments.

The study of technology fosters a wide range of desirable qualities, which we value. Students should develop lively enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills, both on their own and in groups.

As a faculty we promote high standards of academic achievements.

Curriculum Structure

Key Stage 3

We follow the National curriculum and all of our schemes of work are developed and modified to cater for all of our pupils needs.The pupils follow a carousel system, visiting different technologies at different parts of the year.The areas which each year covers are as follows:Year 7– introduction to technology

  • ICT – introducing ICT
  • Textiles – design and make a monster
  • CAD – computer aided design using ICT software

Year 8 – Formula 1

  • Food – Cuisine from around the world
  • Product design – Car design and racing
  • ICT – design an F1 race track
  • Graphics – CAD design

Year 9 – pupils choose a pathway to follow

Food – Jamie Oliver home cooking skills, planning and making a two course meal from scratch, using a range of ingredients and skills


Textiles – garment construction whilst completing Problem Solving Key Skill. This involves using a range of materials and techniques to manufacture a garment from a pattern they have created themselves.


Graphics/Product Design – completing Problem solving Key skill using a range of materials and techniques

Pupils also have to complete the Essential skills for Wales Key Skill in ICT through a project entitled Gigs Alive where they have to plan a pop concert.

Key Stage 4

Pupils get to opt for different areas of technology; they may choose to study more than one. The areas offered are:Art & Design Textiles BTEC

The BTEC course in Art & Design has a strong focus on textiles, fashion and clothing.  It enables students to develop a broad range of skills and knowledge which will help them to prepare for further training in the world of work.It is designed to provide education and training for people who may become employed in a variety of types of design-based work.Course Modules to choose from: Contextual references in Art and Design, 2D Visual communication, 3D Visual communication, Working with fashion briefs

This course is a flexible course which will let pupils gain the equivalent of 1 or 2 GCSEs 

Fashion and Clothing BTEC

The BTEC course in Fashion and Clothing enables students to develop a broad range of skills and knowledge, which will help them to prepare for further training in the world of work.

Fashion and Clothing BTEC is designed to provide education and training for people who may become employed in a variety of types of design-based work.

Course Modules to choose from:

Understanding fashion marketing and promotion.

Working to fashion design briefs.

Fashion realisation.

Developing production techniques for fashion.

Fashion marketing enables students to develop their knowledge of fashion and the fashion industry through an understanding of fashion marketing and promotion.

Working to fashion design briefs enables the student to develop ideas and final outcomes to meet fashion design briefs by selecting suitable materials and techniques.

Fashion realisation enables students to develop practical skills through design research, the creative exploration and application of ideas and the final realisation of a design.

Developing technical production techniques enables students to develop technical knowledge, understanding and practical skills in relation to basic production techniques and processes in garment construction in the fashion industry. 

Graphics GCSE

Graphic Products is an exciting, enjoyable and challenging course that fits well with Art and Design at GCSE level.

Students can really explore almost anything as a focus in Year 11; as long as the choice will allow a model to be made it will be suitable as a coursework project to address in Year 11.

Students will be expected to produce a supporting design folder which should be detailed enough to show evidence of the various aspects which need to be marked: research, analysis, specification, rough drawings, final drawings and so on.

Course modules

Year 10 General graphics work with research, design and making.

Year 11 Students will move on to complete coursework and prepare for the final examination.

Graphics is an ideal course for students who wish to develop their technological skills through 3D modelling.

This is, therefore, an excellent preparation for those who would like to move on to a career in Architecture, Product Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Art, Graphic Design and Landscape Design among other areas. 

ICT – OCR National

This course is a vocational course which offers pupils the chance to use ICT in a variety of practical ways and leads to an OCR qualification which is equivalent to 1 GCSE grade A*-C.

Projects available:

  • ICT and Business communications
  • Animation
  • Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Desktop publishing
  • Web page creation
  • Plan and produce computer graphics
  • Creating animation for the WWW using ICT 

Product Design GCSE

This course will allow students to develop their skills to design and make contemporary products in a range of materials e.g. plastic, ceramics, textiles, card, metal and wood.

Course modules

Analysing and evaluating products and processes.

Developing and using design briefs, detailed specifications and criteria in relation to product development

Designing for a range of users of products and different societies in relation to their different needs.

Matching materials and components with tools, equipment & processes to produce quality products. 

Hospitality and Catering BTEC

The BTEC Hospitality course enables students to develop a variety of skills such as how to prepare a meal, how to look after customers and how to plan and carry out a hospitality event.

These skills can be used when working in many settings including hotels, restaurants, bars and catering businesses.  It is a vocational and work related qualification.

Course Modules

The course is broken down in to 6 units –

Healthier Foods and Special diets

Prepare, Cook and Finish Food

Contemporary World Food

Investigate the Catering and Hospitality Industry

Products, Services and Support in the Hospitality Industry.

Planning and running a hospitality event

The course is a flexible course, which will enable pupils to gain the equivalent of 1 or 2 GCSE’s.


Examination Series

Yr 10 Product Design Summer 2014 and Summer 2015
Yr 11 Product Design Summer 2014
Yr 10 Graphics Summer 2014 and Summer 2015
Yr 11 Graphics Summer 2014
Yr 11 Fashion and Clothing No Written Examination in Summer 2014
Yr 11 ICT OCR Nationals No Written Examination in Summer 2014


Exam Boards

Product Design and Graphics
Fashion and Clothing / Art and Design,Hospitality and Catering


Recent News

  • 100 % at BTEC Fashion and clothing/Art and design – 41 pupils gained the equivalent of at least 1 C grade in one of those areas
  • F1 challenge – Best rookie team – awarded in the first year of taking part
  • D&T short course – 50 pupils gained a A*-C grade
  • JamieOliverHomecooking skills – 35 achieved this whilst completing their Catering GCSE
  • Key skills – 25 pupils completed Working with others along side the BTEC
  • Food hygiene certificate – 35 achieved this whilst completing their Catering GCSE
  • Trip to Liverpool to see the Matisse exhibition – pupils then designed a bag based on his work
  • Clothes show live trip – annual visit to the clothes show where pupils watch a live catwalk showing the latest trends and styles.
  • Catering pupils visited the St Georges Hotel in Llandudno and enjoyed lunch prepared by the hospitality students in Llandrillo College.
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