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Year 11 Exam Preparation

Preparation 1 

Dear Parent/Carer

 Here is a summary of what we have been doing in the Year 11 Exam Preparation Sessions this week. Please take the opportunity to discuss the sessions with your child and remind them of the importance of prompt attendance at the weekly session.

 This week we have been discussing the importance of:

 1)      Having some idea, however vague, of what to do after GCSE results in August

2)      Finding at least one person to work with for revision.

3)      Identifying targets for improvement based on the mock exam results.

 Please see the attached PDF for further details

Year 11 Exam Preparation 1


Preparation 2

This week in the Year 11 Exam Preparation session we have been looking at the importance of effective preparation and planning. We have stressed that with good planning, there is no need to become stressed or panic about exams. The main points are below and the PDF explains in  ore detail

 1) Decide on where you will do most of your revision.

2) Check you have the equipment for effective revision.

3) Plan your revision timetable to include relaxation time. Make sure you stick to it.

4) Ensure you have devoted enough revision time to each subject in your timetable.

5) Check in school for when subject sessions are on and if there is anywhere you can use for revision.

6) Check out the revision websites and check with teachers if there any recommended revision guides.

Year 11 Exam Preparation 2

Preparation 3

This week, Mr Hammill has been working with Y11 looking at the issue of Growth Mindsets.

The key points here are to:

1)      Never say “I can’t do it” but to ask “How can I improve”

2)      See failure as a way to identify how to improve.

3)      Challenge yourself and work hard to overcome difficulties.

Please discuss with your child and help them to adopt a growth mindset as in the attached PDF.

Year 11 Exam Preparation 3

Preparation 4

This week we have focused on the SOLO learning strategy.

This is a method of learning that helps students to structure their learning. It is useful because it enables a student to identify where they are in their learning, and how they can improve.

We have discussed how this approach can help students in their revision and their approach to the examinations.

Please look through the PDF and discuss with your child.

Year 11 Exam Preparation 4

Preparation 5

Dear Parents

This week we have been focusing on the importance of the upcoming Half Term holiday for preparation for the exam session. If students use their time wisely now, they will take large steps towards success in the exams. They should have their revision timetable complete and should make sure they stick to it as this will create good habits.

We also refreshed the issues we have looked at this term, particularly regarding mind-set and preparation. Finally, we discussed a very effective revision strategy which is designing and using FLASHCARDS for revision.

Please read through the attached PDF and discuss with your child.

Year 11 Exam Preparation 5

Preparation 6

This week we have been focusing on The Power Hour. This is a great approach to revision that helps students to spend their time purposefully during revision. It helps with learning relevant knowledge, examination technique and self-assessment.

It also encourages students to discuss their work with their teachers, which is a very important aspect of exam preparation and something that your child should be doing regularly at this stage.

Please read through the attached PDF and discuss it with your children. Encouraging them to adopt The Power Hour will be a very positive step in the exam preparation.

Year 11 Exam Preparation 6

Preparation 7

This week we have been discussing the importance of keeping to a revision timetable, and strategies to employ for those students who may be struggling with the whole concept of revision.

 We have also talked about different methods that students can use to revise, particularly as part of the very important ‘Power Hour’ that we discussed last week. It is also vital that’s students have goals for each week and each session that they revise. This will help them to measure their progress and is also a good motivation tool.

 This is a crucial time in your child’s education and we are very grateful for the support you are providing for them. Please take the time to read through the attached PDF and discuss the issues there with your child.

Year 11 Exam Preparation 7

Preparation 8

Dear Parents

This week we have been looking at the importance of students identifying exactly what they do and do not know.

Students have been told to ensure they have a correct copy of their exam syllabus for each subject they take. They should then shade this either red, orange or green depending on how well they know and understand each topic, red being their weakest areas.

They then target their revision and discussions with teachers to try to address the topics they have marked red first. This is a very good way of ensuring that all weak areas are worked on and gives added purpose to revision. Once they have al or mostly green areas, they can approach the exam with confidence.

 Please discuss this with your child and ask them to share with you any areas they have shaded red.

 Thank you for your support

 Mr D. Jennings

Year 11 Exam Preparation 8

Preparation 9

This week we have been looking at different learning styles and how we can find out which ones we may prefer. If students can at least think about their lea ring style, or the types of learning they may enjoy more, it will help them in their approach to revision.

Please take the time to read through and discuss with your child.

Thank you for your support .

Mr D. Jennings

Year 11 Exam Preparation 9

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