Sunday, September 24, 2017

Year 10

Our Staff

Miss Natalia DeRiso Progress Manager
Mr Mark Hamill 10R1 Form Tutor
Miss Andrea Osborn 10H1 Form Tutor
Mr Gary Griffiths 10Y1 Form Tutor
Mrs Gaynor Graves 10R2 Form Tutor
Mr Paul Evans 10H2 Form Tutor
Miss Lindsay Lloyd 10Y2 Form Tutor


About the Year Group

Year 10 is a pivotal year as it is the year in which the pupils embark on their chosen pathway of education, whether it is full time education based in school or taking on a college course or being part of the hospitality or public services course.

Each pathway allows the pupils to gain level 2 qualifications in order for them to progress onto further education or employment. Year 10 consists of 167 pupils who are set into 6 forms depending on reading/age ability, there is one form that is grouped together as the alternative curriculum group, and these are pupils who are on the public services or hospitality courses.

Although year 10 is an enjoyable year it comes with a certain amount of pressure with regards to exams and coursework. To help the pupils with any problems or pressures they may have, we have several members of staff who can help including myself, their form tutor, subject teachers, Education Social Workers, the Learning Coach and Careers  Advisor.

Year 10 consists of a team of 6 experienced form tutors who are available to their form groups both academically and pastorally.

During the year at regular intervals mentoring and academic reviews are carried out by the pupils with their tutors where they monitor academic progress and target set. If issues or areas of concern are identified strategies are put in place in order to enable every pupil in our year group to achieve their full potential.

During form time, revision sessions are also completed in order for the pupils to increase their knowledge and understanding of topics, or to work with their peers to understanding difficult topics.

These help with particular areas that a student may be worried about or struggling with, as well as helping them improve their exam techniques.

Careers advice is offered to all year 10 pupils by the careers advisors they will work with her on a one basis and take part in group work. During year 10 pupils also complete an 8 day work placement where they get to experience working life and develop skills that will help them in later life.

Form Group Structure

During tutor time students have the opportunity to discuss topics and share experiences which are not covered elsewhere in the curriculum.

The tutor will mentor students at regular intervals to help them to focus on their learning, attendance and punctuality. Regular attendance and good punctuality are qualities which are essential to effective learning.

Regular attendance and good punctuality are also qualities which future employers will look for when employing young people.  We stress the necessity of these to all students and encourage them to discuss their own record.

All unauthorised absences and times late are recorded accurately and are logged on a student’s file.

Recent  News

The following Pupils have successfully completes a Sports Leaders’ Award – Huge Congratulations!

Wayde Kennerley

Finnlay Kulavuz

Katie Roberts

Emma Summers

Amy Harcourt

Matthew Edge

Daniel Wickerson


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