Sunday, September 24, 2017

Year 9

Our Staff

Mr Chris Graham Progress Manager
Mrs Becky Quayle & Mrs Gwenda Roberts 9R1 Form Tutor
Mr Giles Mayhead 9H1 Form Tutor
Mrs Cathy Mitchell 9Y1 Form Tutor
Mrs Carolyn Williams 9R2 Form Tutor
Miss Kerry Jones 9H2 Form Tutor


About the Year Group

The Year 9 Team consists of an experienced group of staff, who guide their pupils carefully through Year 9.

Pupils are placed in Form Classes according to their Reading Age, so are catered for accordingly.

Year 9 is a pivotal year in a pupil’s career as they choose their options.

There is a wide choice of subjects available to the pupils, including some courses designed to re-engage those who are a little disaffected.

The pupils receive help and guidance from a number of parties including outside agencies such as Careers Wales.

Pupils are given the opportunity to have an interview with the Careers Advisor to discuss their options and future plans.

Form Group Structure

During tutor time students have the opportunity to discuss topics and share experiences which are not covered elsewhere in the curriculum.

The tutor will mentor students at regular intervals to help them to focus on their learning, attendance and punctuality. Regular attendance and good punctuality are qualities which are essential to effective learning.

Regular attendance and good punctuality are also qualities which future employers will look for when employing young people.  We stress the necessity of these to all students and encourage them to discuss their own record.

All unauthorized absences and times late are recorded accurately and are logged on a student’s file.

Recent  News

      • In January 2012, a group of 53 students went on a trip to London to see the Titianic exhibition. The pupils were able to see all sorts of relics from the doomed vessel and improved their knowledge of the tragedy, which is a scheme of work in the English department.


        • 30 pupils recently went to see an adaptation of the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol in the form of Scrooge


        • Group of students were awarded ‘Best Voluntary Group’ by the Mayor of Rhyl for their services to the school tuck shop. The pupils attended an awards evening and were accompanied by My Julian Evans.


        • 22 pupils trained as Peer Mentors. The Peer Support programme is based on the principle of students helping other students. They worked really hard during their intensive day of training and are now raring to go for next year!


        • 62% of this year’s Year 9 have gained Level 5 and over in English.


      • Pupils have been rewarded throughout the year for their attendance with cinema trips. An end of year reward to AltonTowers is approaching for those who have met their targets.
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