Sunday, September 24, 2017

Year 8

Our Staff 

Mr Danny Lee Acting Progress Manager
Miss Catherine Owens 8R1 Form Tutor
Mr Mark Griffiths 8H1 Form Tutor
Miss Laura Williams 8Y1 Form Tutor
Miss Charlotte Pilbeam 8R2 Form Tutor
Mrs Ffion Cornelius 8H2 Form Tutor
Miss Lucy Douglas 8Y2 Form Tutor


About the Year Group

In year 8 we have a very experienced team of tutors that deliver a variety of tasks in the morning sessions, as well as checking equipment, planner and uniform.

Pupils are placed in Form Classes according to their Reading Age, so are catered for accordingly.

The form tutor support and help the pupils with any issues such as homeworks through to personal issues.

The pupil’s receive help and guidance from a number of parties including outside agencies.

We have a strong understanding of all our pupils needs and are willing to help in any way that we can.  We strive for the pupils to do well and to continue this into year 9 and onwards.

Form Group Structure

During tutor time students have the opportunity to discuss topics and share experiences which are not covered elsewhere in the curriculum.

The tutor will mentor students at regular intervals to help them to focus on their learning, attendance and punctuality. Regular attendance and good punctuality are qualities which are essential to effective learning.

Regular attendance and good punctuality are also qualities which future employers will look for when employing young people.  We stress the necessity of these to all students and encourage them to discuss their own record.

All unauthorised absences and times late are recorded accurately and are logged on a student’s file.

Recent  News

During the 2011 – 2012 year pupils have been rewarded with trips to the cinema and at the end of the year pupils were invited to go to Alton Towers.

Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to join in with the 5 x 60 activities after school.  There is a huge range of different activities put on every week during the year.

Some pupils have been entered for Level 1 English.

Year 8 pupils have been involved in the TextNow project- Which is a reading scheme that helps pupils improve their reading skill.  In year 8 all the pupil that took part have increase their reading ages.

14 of the year 8 pupils  went on a science trip to the Big Bang show which they have really enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge.

This year the school have taken part in the F1 challenge in school, where they had to design, build and race a small F1 model car.  We had 3 teams with entries this year and all did very well.  One group (Buzz) won the rookie trophy and went to compete in Birmingham NEC, against the rest of the country.

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