Sunday, September 24, 2017

Year 7

 Our Staff

Miss Natalie Williams Progress Manager
Miss Sandra Williams 7R1 Form Tutor
Mr Ben Roberts 7H1 Form Tutor
Mrs Liz Brown 7Y1 Form Tutor
Mrs Yvonne Usher 7R2 Form Tutor
Mr D Street 7H2 Form Tutor
Mr Stuart Howson 7Y2 Form Tutor


About the Year Group

Year 7 is a fantastic year group consisting of 153 pupils on roll.

Each pupil has been placed into a form based on their reading age, which has been determined by three reading tests that have been taken throughout the year.

This enables each child to excel, be suitably challenged and thrive at Rhyl High School.

We are a caring year team and we ensure that the transition between primary school and secondary school runs smoothly and that each child feels valued, safe, secure and that they are happy in their first year at high school.

Form Group Structure

During tutor time students have the opportunity to discuss topics and share experiences which are not covered elsewhere in the curriculum.

The tutor will mentor students at regular intervals to help them to focus on their learning, attendance and punctuality. Regular attendance and good punctuality are qualities which are essential to effective learning.

Regular attendance and good punctuality are also qualities which future employers will look for when employing young people.  We stress the necessity of these to all students and encourage them to discuss their own record.

All unauthorised absences and times late are recorded accurately and are logged on a student’s file.

Recent News

  • On Tuesday 10th July 2012 all of year 7 developed their Thinking Skills through a range of activities run by The Happy Puzzle company.
  • 7Y1 recently raised the most money for charity out of all of the forms through a bake sale and won a 5×60 canoeing trip – well done!
  • Each form class were asked to create a dodge ball team to take part in a 5×60 department and 7H1 were the winning class.


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