Sunday, September 24, 2017

Learning Coach

Our Staff

Mrs. Joanne Steel Learning Coach
Ms. Jessica Davies Learning Coach

About the Department

A Learning Coach provides a safe and supportive place where students can talk about the things that challenge them as well as being approachable/non –judgmental and act as their advocate when requested.

I guide pupils to establish an individual learning pathway by supporting them appropriately according to their skills, abilities, needs and taking into account pupils interest, language and cultural backgrounds.

I also monitor and record the pupil’s progress and develop goals for the individuals concerned to reach. I do this by using different learning strategies to support the individual to achieve a learning pathway.

I also inform parents and carers of how their child is performing and of any concerns.

I will also be available at Parents’ Evenings and our Open Evening.

We provide:

An opportunity to discuss learning

One to one or group work support

A role model

An active listener/encourager

An observer

Professional friend


Advice on options

Individual learning pathway plan

Target Negotiator

Planning & reviewing strategies

Revision  & study strategies

Time management

I am available in registration, breaks and lunch times for pupils that wish to come to see me.

For more information on Learning Coaching please click here.

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