Sunday, September 24, 2017

Healthy Schools

The Canteen

Here at the Rhyl High School we know the importance of good nutrition for our pupils to perform at their best. What students eat plays a vital role in their growth, development and their ability to learn. 

We have a wide range of healthy options from which to choose in our canteen where we provide hot meals at lunchtimes which are served with plenty of fresh vegetables as well as freshly made sandwiches (brown and white) and wraps which are filled with healthy fillings.

Mrs Bradbury
Serving a Jacket Potato

Children enjoying healthy “wrap”.


Mrs Linda Bradbury and her team work hard to feed 800 pupils but the pupils do appreciate their hard work and the service they provide.

A copy of their menus can be seen by clicking here.

Appetite for Life

Appetite for life is the Welsh Governments strategy to improve food in schools; this means there will be compulsory nutritional standards for schools to meet.

At Rhyl High our SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group) are striving to reach the standards set in Appetite for Life which means our school meals are nutritionally analysed, certain foods will be restricted, some foods will no longer be served and pupils are encouraged to eat healthy balanced meals.

Lots of improvements have been made over the last few years including the introduction of the meal of the day which is nutritionally analysed to ensure all nutrients that pupils require are provided in one meal.

We would ask that parents support us in encouraging healthy eating when sending packed lunches into school.

Guidance on healthy packed lunches can be found on the following link:

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