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Languages Mentoring Project Bangor University

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Pupils recently visited Bangor University in connection with this project.

Here is a report from some of them:

Natalie and I were part of the MFL Student Mentoring Project.

The Mentoring project showed us a new way of learning Spanish and gave us a new perspective of the language.  It was fun and enjoyable due to our mentor Jacob and it was a better learning environment than the classroom.

Jacob was a very nice and kind mentor; he was supportive if you got something wrong and praised you for trying.  Jacob helped us learn new and extra things about the Spanish language contributing to our success in the language.  It was a smaller group of people (3 or 4 each session) so it was more comfortable for us to learn.

The mentoring project was run by Bangor University where our mentor Jacob attends.  Once we completed the course Bangor University invited us to receive awards and a taster of the MFL course there.  We had a taster of Mandarin and Galician languages, followed by a tour.  Bangor University is a very beautiful place and this visit made us consider going there for University.  The project was very enlightening and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We appreciate being a part of this project.   Thank you from Harley, Natalie and our fellow mentees.

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