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Moodle User Guide

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If you are having issues logging in to or uploading homework click here for the moodle guide


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Half Term Overview Year 7             Year 8 Sept – Oct                         Sept – Oct Nov – Dec                         Nov – Dec Jan – Feb                           Jan – Feb Mar – Apr                         Mar – Apr Apr – May                         Apr – May May – Jun                          May – Jun Our Staff Mr M Farrell Head of Department Mr B Dennis    About […]


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Half Term Overview Year 7               Year 8                Year 9 1st Half Term                      1st Half Term                   1st Half Term 2nd Half Term                    2nd Half Term                  2nd Half Term 3rd Half Term                     3rd Half Term                   3rd Half Term 4th Half Term                     4th Half Term                   4th Half Term 5th Half Term                     5th Half Term                    5th Half Term 6th Half Term                     6th Half Term                    6th […]

Virtual Learning Environment

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Welcome – You have found our ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ or ‘VLE’ for short. Available shortly, you will find an ever increasing number of online activities/courses to help your learning in and out of school. Click on the Moodle logo at the bottom of the page to logon to the VLE. Resources – download class notes, […]

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