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Art / Creative Studies

Half Term Overview

Year 8

Our Staff

Miss Charlotte Pilbeam Head of Department


About The Department

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas

Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~Albert Einstein

Here in our Art Department at Rhyl High School we strive to provide a unique, interesting and stimulating introduction into the world of Art, Craft & Design.

We believe that every child matters and aim to open our pupils’ eyes to the vast array of colours, textures, patterns and artwork from around the world. We help our pupils to expand their imaginations and creative abilities and to develop confidence in their artistic talents by learning about artists, craft workers and designers from around the globe.

We encourage our pupils to become independent learners enabling them to experience through a hands on approach in a wide variety of media, materials, skills and techniques. We aim to inspire pupils to develop a broad comprehension of Art, Craft and Design, we teach them how to make decisions for themselves, organise, improve and progress their art work by building on their prior learning.

We aim to help every pupil aspire to greater things.

Curriculum Structure

Year 7 Colour Theory
Edvard Munch
Pop Art
Year 8 Portraits
Egyptian Art
Community Based Project
Year 9 Perspective Drawing
LS Lowry
Bugs and Creepy Crawlies
 Years 10 & 11 Manmade / Natural / Other Cultures
Pupils have four months only (Sept – Dec) during year 11 in order to complete all of their art portfolio work.
In January,  pupils are issued with the actual exam paper where they must choose one theme from the exam paper and create their prep work which will prepare them for their final exam.


Examination Series

Practical March 2014


Exam Boards



Please Click Here for details of homeworks

Recent News

We are proud that we have achieved above the national average for our GCSE results over the past three years and strive to continue to make excellent progress.

Our GCSE pupils have been working with graffiti Artist Andy Birch creating artwork for the coastal defence Scheme.

Pupils in Year 10 have been working on the community project for ‘Alistair House’ creating designs for a large mural for the garden area at the nursing home.

Key Stage 3 pupils have been working on a large commission for the Local Sheltered Housing complex ‘Maes Emlyn’.

Hettie Wellington presented the Minister of Education: Mr Leighton Andrews a beautiful painting that she had created especially for the minister.

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