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Half Term Overview

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Half Termly Overview

 Our Staff

Miss Andrea Osborn Head of Department, KS3 & KS4
Mr Dave Jennings Senior Teacher, KS3 History GCSE Law and Classical Civilizations
Mr. Ian Evans Senior Teacher, KS3 History, KS4 RE and Welsh Baccalaureate
Mr Ben Dennis History and Geography Teacher KS3


About The Department

The aim of the History Department at Rhyl High School is to provide pupils with the opportunity to delve into the past – looking at the significant people and events of the last 1000 years throughout Wales, Britain and the World.

We aim to provide an interesting and diverse curriculum that supports and challenges our pupils, helping them to successfully develop their historical knowledge and skills – essential skills for their future paths.

Curriculum Structure

Key Stage 3

During Year 7 pupils will be focusing on Medieval History.They start by exploring the build-up to the famous battles of 1066, before finding out what happened, when and why.

Next, pupils will research what life was like in Medieval time – what did people do?

How were criminals punished? How did people have fun in the middle ages? Finally, pupils will have an opportunity to understand the development of castles and investigate some of the best examples of medieval castles that are right here in Walesand the knights who used them.

Topics from 1485-1900 will be covered in Year 8. Pupils will also have one dedicated IT and History lesson per fortnight where they can develop their research skills and use the amazing variety of resources available on-line. Topics covered will include The Tudors and their religious rollercoaster and the defeat of the Spanish Armada; Cavaliers and Roundheads at The Battle of Naseby; and finally how the Industrial Revolutionchanged the world.

In year 9, pupils will be investigating Slavery and deciding whether Wales should apologise for its role in the Slave trade; Twentieth Century Warfare is another topic that will look at a variety of events and issues such as – trench warfare, were the lions really led by donkeys, how did Hitler gain control of Germany and how important were ‘the few’ during WW2. The final term will allow pupils to choose their own topics to investigate through their enquiry projects.

Key Stage 4 History

History:WJEC Route The GCSE course includes 3 examination units. Firstly the American West – this topic investigates the Native American Indians, their way of life and how by the start of the 20thcentury it had been completely destroyed.The development of Sports, Leisure and Tourism in the 20thcentury is the next examination topic. This unit looks at how the three elements have changed into multi-million pound industries of which leisure and tourism are particularly important factors in the local area.The final examination topic looks at the development of health and medicine from c.1345 to the present – how has our knowledge and understanding of medicine changed? What diseases/illnesses have we cured, what threats do we still have to face?

And finally, pupils complete a controlled assessment (similar to coursework, but completed in school under timed conditions) on key historical figures such as Owain Glyndwr – was he a rebel or a hero? Or Adolf Hitler and how he gained control of Germany?

However, the History Department has also introduced new GCSE qualifications…

Key Stage 4 Law

GCSE Law gives students an understanding of the role of law in today’s society. In addition to helping students to acquire subject knowledge, studying law helps to develop skills of selection, analysis, critical thinking and decision-making, and an awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals. Students will study the English Legal system focusing on Magistrates, County and Crown Courts and the role of Juries, Barristers and Judges. They will also study Law in action which focuses on Civil, Criminal and Family Law, and Rights and Responsibilities.This is another academically challenging qualification which is not only ideal preparation for the study of Law at A Level and beyond, but is also a strong GCSE in its own right.

Key Stage 4

And coming soon to RHS… Classical Civilisations:This is an exciting course and is ideal for students who wish to gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the classical world of Ancient Greece and Rome, and to develop the range of evaluation and research skills associated with such study.There is a wide range of topics to study and we will focus on Roman Britain, Pompeii, Greek Tragedy and the Democracy of Athens. There will be an enjoyable range of teaching and learning strategies to help students develop a sense of both these societies and their relevance today.

Study of Classical Civilisation complements a range of other GCSE subjects including English, English Literature, Art, Drama, History and Science. It is ideal preparation for students who wish to broaden their knowledge and demonstrate skills of research, analysis and extended writing.


Examination Series

Yr10 Summer   2014 & Summer 2015
Yr11 Summer   2014


 Exam Boards

Law and Classical Civilisations


Recent News

Year 9 trip to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool :

Many of our students continue to study History at college / sixth form.

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