Sunday, September 24, 2017

Parent Info

Our students learn because they want to learn and we expect them to work hard.  We expect all students, parents and staff to share an understanding that all students will:

  • work hard to achieve their full potential
  • respect learning, their own and others
  • respond to the many opportunities present both in and beyond the classroom
  • respect fellow students and staff
  • respect school property
  • attend regularly, except when ill
  • complete homework and coursework to set deadlines
  • comply with instructions from all staff
  • when at fault, accept correction without argument
  • wear uniform as intended
  • seek to achieve their personal best

We take our responsibilities seriously and we expect parents to take their responsibilities seriously too.
We ask parents to:

  • support our code of behaviour
  • ensure that their children attend
  • send their children to school dressed in correct uniform and properly equipped for learning
  • ensure that their children complete their homework
  • check and sign their children’s homework planner regularly, as this is an important way for us to communicate
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